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GALEB, Sabac is the first registered private company in the former SFRY, founded in 1971, and one of the entrepreneurship leaders in this region. From the leader in the production, sales and servicing of electrical devices and industrial equipment, thanks to its long tradition in the field of electronics, Galeb has become the largest Serbian producer of fiscal devices and terminals for remote data reading from fiscal devices, of railway signaling systems, GPS systems, as well as regional leader in metal processing, production and assembly of light and heavy metal constructions and metal packaging.

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Galeb is one of the entrepreneurship leaders in our region. Its business activity includes the production, sales and servicing of electrical tools and industrial equipment. In addition to its main activity, performs holding jobs for its enterprises in the system.

Galeb Metal Pack

Good and quality packaging is the best advertisement for your product and therefore Galeb Metal Pack can offer you a wide range of packaging for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Galeb Profitni centar Ub

Profitni Centar Ub, the leading Balkan company in the production of security equipment, forms part of Galeb Group since 2006 and the privatization of the company Zimpa а.d. The tradition, dating back to 1948, has successfully been continued.

Galeb Signalizacija

Galeb Signalizacija – Factory of Signaling Devices, with its premises in Belgrade, had operated as an independent company since December, 1969. By privatization in June, 2006, it became a part of GALEB.

Sigma Subotica

Sigma was founded in 1923 and its activity is based on the production of the devices and components for railway signalization and the signalization of dangers.


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The students from the secondary medical school “Dr Andra Jovanovic” from Sabac visited the

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