Visit to the railway infrastructure of Serbia

During the past week, we had the honor of hosting representatives of the Railway Infrastructure of Serbia from the sector of electrotechnical plants from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis and Kraljevo. The visit was arranged upon the invitation of the President of the Company, Radoslav Veselinovic, to
strengthen and expand the existing cooperation and become familiar with a wide range of activities carried out by the company Galeb.

During the visit, the representatives of the Railway Infrastructure of Serbia had the opportunity to see the complete production of signaling and safety equipment, as well as personnel capacities in the domain of the railway program of Galeb Signalizacija whose production takes place at the locations of Zemun, Sabac, and Ub. Having finalized the visit, we discussed about open projects, as well as about the plans for future cooperation and improvement. Since Galeb Signalizacija, as a regional leader in the field of railway signaling production, wants to maintain its leading position and product quality, additional effort and commitment of experienced experts are invested in the training of young personnel and the modification of production according to market requirements in the upcoming period.

The visit of the representatives of the Railway Infrastructure of Serbia is the first one in a series of planned visits of our production facilities.

We thank the guests and look forward to continued cooperation.