Recognition  “Dr Draga Ljočić”

The rock on which the city Sokograd on the Drina river once stood remains as a symbol of the calvary of the Serbian Orthodox population during the Ottoman occupation of Serbia. To honor the memory of the victims, Radoslav Veselinovic, the President and founder of the company Galeb, built the Church of the Assembly of Serbian Saints (Crkva Sabora srpskih svetitelja) in 2019, modeled according to the eponymous tample on Lake Ohrid.


Due to his contribution to endowment, humanism, patriotism, and the economy, he has been rewarded this year with a special award established by the Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists (SKANU).

The award has a symbolic name - Dr Draga Ljocic, after the first Serbian doctor, humanist, and fighter for human rights and gender equality. The award took place at the ceremonial academy held in the Scientific and Educational Cultural Center Vuk Karadzic in Trsic.

It is an extraordinary honor to receive such a significant recognition named after a great humanist. The courage and philanthropy of Draga Ljoccc is an inspiration for all of us.